KNIME Hub is the place where you can search for nodes, extensions, components, and workflows made available by the community.

You can use these as blueprints and building blocks in KNIME Analytics Platform, and build workflows to solve your data science use cases.

KNIME Hub can also be used to upload and organize workflows in a central place, and to collaborate with other users on your projects.

Via KNIME Hub you can:

  • Find workflows, components uploaded by KNIME Community

  • Upload and organize your workflows and components in projects

  • Create and manage projects

  • Collaborate with other users on your projects

Collaboration on KNIME Hub

KNIME Community Hub is also the place where you can collaborate with the KNIME Community. Once you have created your profile and uploaded your items in your public spaces you can share them with others, you can remain engaged in other people’s work by liking items or leaving a comment. Finally, you can also add other users from the KNIME Community as contributors to your public spaces. They will be able to access your space from their KNIME Hub profile and from their KNIME Hub mount point on KNIME Analytics Platform, download, and upload workflows or components. Add contributors to your spaces to collaborate on a project and keep all workflows always accessible in one place.

Like items on KNIME Hub

If you find an item on KNIME Hub that has been very useful for you or that you particularly like you can leave a like by clicking the heart icon on the top right of the page. All the items you liked will be shown on your user profile under Overview. See how much the KNIME Community has been engaged in specific items by looking at the number of downloads and likes that a specific item has received.

img kudos downloads
Figure 15. Number of downloads and likes of an item on KNIME Hub


You can discuss a specific workflow on KNIME Community Hub in the session Discussion of the workflow page.

If a discussion has not been started yet you can click Start Discussion, or Continue Discussion in case you want to participate in a discussion that has already started.

You will be redirected to the respective discussion thread on KNIME Forum.


You can add any other user of KNIME Community as a contributor to any of your public spaces.

To add a user as a contributor to a public space go to the space and click the pencil tool close to your profile icon.

img add contributor
Figure 16. Add a contributor to a public space

In the Manage contributors panel that opens you can add contributors by inserting their KNIME Hub user name. Then click Add and Save changes.

img manage contributors
Figure 17. Manage contributors on a public space

In the same panel, you can also manage the contributors. Click on the bin icon to remove a contributor from the space.

When you are added as a contributor to a space you will be able to see the space under Spaces in your profile page and also listed in your KNIME Hub mount point from KNIME Analytics Platform.

Contributors have edit rights for the space they are added to. They can add and edit workflows or components on the space. They do not have the same rights that the owner of the space has. Only the owner of a space can change the space name or change the space visibility to private.

Please notice that since contributors can only be added to public spaces, the contributors will not have access to the space anymore in case the space visibility is changed from public to private.